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Please note that consultations are also carried out on planning applications submitted to us, you can search by planning reference or location and comment online.

Proposals to increase Council tax on empty homes

You may be aware that the government recently announced that they intended to give local authorities powers to charge higher council tax premiums on homes that have been left empty for more than two years.

In the coming months, Councillors will be asked to decide if they wish to implement the higher charges. If you wish to provide any feedback on this to aid the decision, please complete this survey.

Find out more and make your comments via our online survey. Comments must be made my 30 November 2018.

Consultation on proposed changes to Council Tax Support

Our Council Tax support scheme helps people on low income by reducing the amount of Council Tax they have to pay.

We are looking to change the scheme so that residents who receive Council Tax support can be more certain as to the amount of Council Tax they need to pay and reduce the number of times we alter the amount of Council Tax support.

Find out more and make your comments via our survey. Comments to be submitted by 9 November 2018.

Community Governance Review for Stapleford Parish

September 2018: The Council is undertaking a community governance review of the parish of Stapleford to consider if there should be an increase in the number of parish councillors from 9 to 11 to support Stapleford Parish Council to undertake increased workload.

The review is currently in progress. The consultation is now open for comments.

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