Major IT issue

We are working to resolve IT problems that mean people completing benefit online forms may not be able to complete or submit them.

The problems also mean that our staff and contact service are not able to access all their computer systems.

You can still carry out most transactions on our website. If you need to contact us by phone and your call is urgent we will try to help you. If your call is not urgent please contact us next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience while we resolve this problem.

Energy Saving Light Bulb Library

The SPEP Energy Saving Light Bulbs library can be borrowed free of charge by SPEP groups to help village residents try out replacement bulbs before purchasing.  The library comprises 21 bulbs including  both CFLs (compact fluorescents) and the newer LEDs (longer lasting and lower energy but a bit more expensive).  There are replacements for energy hungry halogen GU10s,  bulbs which work with dimmer switches, candle bulbs, golf ball bulbs and bulbs which look just like old fashioned incandescent ones.    

 If you would like to borrow the library for a period of up to two weeks, please email with your preferred dates.  You will need to pick up and return the library  from the SCDC office in Cambourne during working hours. 


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