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Examination - Written statements for Matter SC2

An overview of the examination process is available on the Examination homepage. The Inspector’s Matters and Issues and the Hearings Programme are available on the Hearings Sessions webpage.

Written Statements for Matter SC2: Climate Change

The following Hearing Statements have been submitted to the Inspector by respondents who will be participating in the hearing session(s) for Matter SC2: Climate Change.


Implementation of Policy CC/3: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy in New Developments

At the Matter SC2: Climate Change hearing session on 1 November 2016 and in response to the discussion between participants, the Inspector asked the Council to submit further information in writing explaining the implementation of Policy CC/3: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy in New Developments. The Council submitted a supplement to its Matter SC2: Climate Change hearing statement in November 2016: South Cambridgeshire District Council: Supplement 1 - Implementation of Policy CC/3

The Inspector offered the other participants the opportunity to comment on the Council's supplement and the following comments were received:

All correspondence relating to the examination should be via the Programme Officer (Gloria Alexander):

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