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Last updated 1 May 2019

This monthly update covers the Greater Cambridge area. This is because the planning departments for South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) and Cambridge City Council (CCC) have been combined to form the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning service.

This update gives information on:

  • Live planning related consultations in Greater Cambridge, comprising South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge, to help you have your say.
  • Forthcoming planning related consultations in Greater Cambridge.
  • Other key planning news at local, county and national levels.

Information on any consultations that may affect people living or working in Greater Cambridge can be viewed on the SCDC consultations webpage and / or the CCC consultations webpage as relevant to the consultation concerned.


Village Design Guide Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD

South Cambridgeshire District Council started a consultation in April on six village design guides for Caldecote, Fulbourn, Gamlingay, Over, Papworth Everard, Sawston and Swavesey.

These have been prepared in collaboration with the village communities, under a pilot initiative funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)'s Design Quality Fund. The aim is to provide locally specific design guidance that raises the quality of new development in the villages that sustains and enhances a distinctive sense of place.

The six week consultation began on 15 April until 31 May 2019.

A further Village Design Guide SPD for Histon & Impington will also be consulted on later this Spring.


New Joint Greater Cambridge Local Plan

Call for sites consultation

South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council are starting preparation of a new joint Local Plan in 2019, as set out in the joint adopted Greater Cambridge Local Development Scheme.

In February and March 2019 we carried out a ‘call for sites’, allowing people to suggest potential sites or broad locations for development. We have received a wide range of housing and employment sites, in a variety of scales and locations across the district. These ranged from small sites in villages to freestanding new communities. All the sites will be tested for their suitability, and sites considered as options for inclusion in the new local plan will be subject to consultation as the Local Plan is developed.

It will be some months before we can register all of the sites submitted and make them publicly available to view on our interactive online consultation system. This is partly due to the number of sites submitted and because we also consulted on the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan at the same time (on Issues and Options).

If we have any queries on your submissions we will let you know as soon as we can and allow time for any necessary additional information to be submitted.

We will include details of our progress in this monthly update.

Greater Cambridge Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation

It is proposed to carry out public consultation on Issues and Options for the new joint Greater Cambridge Local Plan in the autumn 2019. We will keep you informed of the progress of the new Local Plan via this monthly update and on both the South Cambridgeshire District Council's website and on the Cambridge City Council's website.

Waterbeach New Town Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

SCDC adopted the Waterbeach New Town SPD in February 2019. This SPD amplifies the policy provided by the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan and provides the vision for how the whole town will come forward to create a thriving new community and together they set the benchmark that planning applications will be assessed against. Update: The website for this SPD has been updated and information available about the planning applications that have been submitted.

Bourn Airfield New Village Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The newly adopted South Cambridgeshire Local Plan includes an allocation for a new village on Bourn Airfield. SCDC has commissioned Arup to prepare the SPD which will amplify the existing policy and aid its implementation. It is intended that the consultation draft of the SPD will be presented to Scrutiny & Overview Committee on 21 May and Cabinet on 5 June prior to intended public consultation during June and July.

Statement of Community Involvement

In February and March 2019 we carried out a six week consultation on a joint Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) for Greater Cambridge which sets out how the councils will engage the public in the planning process.

The comments received during the consultation are being considered and will be reported to members. A report will be going to Cabinet at SCDC on 1 July 2019 and to the Cambridge Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee on 25 June recommending the adoption of the SCI.

You can view the consultation documents and (once all the comments have been registered) all the responses online using the interactive online consultation system.

More information appears on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website and the Cambridge City Council website


Cottenham Neighbourhood Plan

Cottenham Parish Council submitted a draft Neighbourhood Plan for Cottenham to SCDC on 15 January 2019. SCDC carried out a six week consultation on the draft plan ending on 25 March 2019. You can view the consultation documents and all the responses online using the interactive online consultation system.

SCDC has now appointed an independent examiner, Andrew Ashcroft, to carry out the examination of the Plan. If successful through examination the Plan will proceed towards a referendum. The Plan is available to view on SCDC’s Cottenham Neighbourhood Plan webpage .


Emerging Minerals and Waste Local Plan

Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council are in the process of reviewing their joint Minerals and Waste Development Plan.

They are now consulting on the Further Draft Plan. The consultation runs until 9 May 2019.

The Councils have put together some summary slides which provide an overview of the draft Plan. Their Plan includes a suite of draft policies for guiding the determination of planning applications for minerals and waste and safeguarding sites across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. All proposed designations and allocations can be found on the Interactive Policies Map


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