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Northstowe planning documents Phase One

On this page you will find all Phase 1 planning documents for the Northstowe development. These documents include the full outline application for Phase 1 submitted in 2012 and any further reserved matters, amendments and documents received from Gallagher Estates. Please click on the links below to jump to the relevant documents in the page:


Phase 1 Outline Planning Application - reference S/0388/12/OL

Outline Planning Application - Decision notice
Section 106 agreement - part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine

Document 1

Document 2 - Existing site plans

Document 3 - Design and Access Statement

Document 4 - Planning Supporting Statement

Document 5 -

Document 6 - 

Construction Management Strategy

Document 7 - 

Strategic Utility Report (incorporating Foul Sewage Assessment)

Document 8 -

Health Impact Assessment 

Document 9 -

Energy Statement (incorporating Renewable Energy Statement)

Document 10 -

Waste Management Strategy (incorporating Waste Design Guide Toolkit and Site Waste Management Plan)

Document 11 -

Sustainability Statement 

Document 12 - Tree Survey and Aboricultural Implications Assessment (24 docs)

Document 13 -

Water Conservation Strategy

Document 14 -

Low Emissions Strategy

Document 15 -

 Statement of Consultation

Document 16 -

Summary of Supporting Information Document

Document 17 -

Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary

Document 18 - Environmental Statement (ES) - Volume 1 Text

Document 18 - Environmental Statement (ES) - Volume 2 Figures

Document 18 Environmental Statement (ES) Technical Appendices

 Phase 1 Design Code April 2014

Phase 1 Outline Planning Application Non Material Amendment - reference S/0932/14/NM (APPROVED)

Reserved Matters Application for Hatton's Road Ponds - reference S/0038/15/RM (APPROVED)

Reserved Matters Application for the Local Centre Square - reference S/3164/15/RM (APPROVED)

Phase 1 Outline Planning Application Non Material Amendment - reference S/2232/16/NM (APPROVED)

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